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  1. Help to buy Everlast MIG welder.

    Hi, all of you. I would like to buy a MIG welder from Everlast brand. I want to get your valuable advice about this MIG welder. I have got some information about Everlast 2017 version. Is this enough for this MIG welder machine. Here is the information linkabout this Everlast MIG welder.
  2. Power Pro 205s fine tuning

    Quote Originally Posted by performance View Post
    Can you say which settings are giving you the most trouble? Or are you messing with more than the amperage when you go to stick or DC TIG?
    AC and DC tig , about 60 amps for steel, 100% argon, pre flow 1 sec, post flow 8 sec. DC setting, pedal and good bye electrode !
  3. Looking to buy Tig welder

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    Been doing some research on Everlast Tig welders, got my eyes on the PowerPro 205s and the 256S models, can anyone give me any input on the machines. Thanks
  4. Welding Stainless Steel

    I have a Everlast 230EX which I weld Aluminium with . I have never welded stainless , can somebody give me the basic settings I need to get started i.e. pulse or no pulse ,neg. earth or pos. earth, ac or dc, balance etc.
  5. Carbonator Tig Cooler for 250EX - At last

    I have had my 250EX for over a year and finally got around to building a cooler for it (still no cart, but that's next on the agenda). I can't believe I took so long to get this done.
    I have been using a WP-17 and WP-9 torch until now and I am looking forward to doing some extended welding sessions without toasting my hands or taking long breaks to cool things down.
    This was a fun project. Like many others, I elected to use a carbonator as the basis for the design, with the stainless ...

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