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  1. powertig 250 ex foot pedal problems

    i have owned a 250ex now for 3 weeks and going on my 3rd foot pedal all the pot switchs go bad, im getting a new pedal again today i will try another. any suggestion as to what is going on, can i get a better pot switch for these pedals??

  2. Starting at the ground floor

    Quote Originally Posted by everlastsupport View Post
    If you are talking to me. I think you're missing my point. And I have a BSEE, so the higher learning commit, well.

    I have met many people that have never had a welding class, building 75K-500K+ cars and much more. It's not a requirement. Certs are not either. I would look more at a cert than a class. And CGCINC expressed his TIG class, so no too are the same.

    I am glad you liked your class, you voiced that, but it is not for everyone, as I voiced that.