Plasma arc cutting and its insights

Plasma arc cutting is a thermal material elimination process that is principally used for cutting thick sections of electrically conducive materials furthermore it can be defined as a "superheated, electrically ionized gas."

To put it in simple and comprehensive terms, it is an arc cutting process that cuts the metal by melting a localized area with a contracted electric arc which removes the molten material with a high speed jet of hot ionized gas concerning from the contracting orifice.

This process requires plasma cutting power source along with

  • Torch
  • Electricity
  • compressed air

Designs can be cut by a free hand, by tracing a representation, or by following an outline. With the help of computer controlled system, intricate and repetitive patterns can be cut effectively. The process is very simple, the metal to be cut is lay out, plasma machine and the compressed air is turned on and the torch is placed on the metal relying on the torch configuration then the trigger is activated hence the metal gets cut through this hierarchical process.


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