Selecting the right filler metal - Part 7 GTAW ER70S-2

Ever want to build a race car or a roll cage? If so, become familiar with the ER 70S-2 steel filler rod. The 70S-2 enjoys a reputation for being a good rod to use for high strength 4130 chrome moly steel. It is the primary structural component of nearly every motorsport vehicle custom built, from motorcycles to Baja race vehicles. The strength and ductility of the 70S-2 makes it a favorite choice for people in the fabrication and racing industry. The 70S-2 is a practical all around rod however and works well with less critical welds as well. The flow and wetting in properties of the filler metal are clear from the first bead. It’s a consistent filler material that works well on pipe or body panels. The higher amounts of deoxidizers make it fine for every day mild steel with a bit of rust or paint as well. Very little clean-up is required, though it is always strongly suggested. The result is usually a bright weld, with very little clean up or brushing. The 70S-2 may be all the rod you’ll ever need in regards to welding most steels. It’s a real world welding rod. It’s versatile and well liked. But in some circumstances, particularly the most dirty and rusted applications, you may find that a little better rod is needed, something that will provide enough deoxidation to make a sound weld.