TIG Welder Water Cooler Instructions:

1. Locate the cooler basin after that to the TIG welder position, and set the submersible pump inside. The nearer the cooler is to the torch handle assembly and torch cord, the easier it will be to join the water tubing along the complete distance end to end of the torch cord.

2. Take away the external jacket covering of the torch cord to depiction the gas tubing and the power conductor. Snap open the jacket and completely take away it to depiction the two copper tools on the lower end part of the torch handle. These fixtures will conduct the water into and out of the torch grip.

3. Unroll the ¼-inch tubing and connec1t one ending to the fitting on the torch grip. Protect the tubing by a ¼-inch hosepipe clamp and utilize the screwdriver to make tighter. It does not subject which copper fitting the tubing is joined to, as the torch grip water cooler make a easy loop throughout the plastic grip.

4. Run the plastic tubing downward the distance end to end of the torch cord awaiting you arrive at the submersible pump within the container. Cut the tubing to distance end to end by the pocketknife and protected the tube to the pump's output fitting by the hosepipe clamp. This will finish the tubing for the feed water.

5. Connect the left over tubing to the additional copper fitting on the welding torch grip. This is the drain water that will run reverse into the water cooler sink. Use the hosepipe clamp to protect the drain pipe to the torch fitting. Slash the tubing to distance end to end so it can be seated within and on the bottom of the cooler sink. If you contain sufficient tubing, you can shape a loop that will rest the length of the in ends of the cooler sink.

6. Reapply the torch cord's wrap and fit the innovative tubing within the cover.

7. Fill the cooler through new water, and close the top with plywood to stay out any big debris. Plug the pump into the wall outlet and watch that water is draining as of the drain pipe in the base of the cooler.


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I have a good amount of knowledge regarding the concrete pumping systems and how they work. However, I do not know nothing about how to  set the submersible pump inside the cooler basin :)