Caution While welding Fuel Tanks

Welding is a process wherein two or more metal pieces are joined together in heavy manufacturing. A molten solution is used to form the bond between these metal pieces and this particular molten solution is generated from tremendous amount of heat and light energy. It is quite dangerous when we get exposed to such intense energy transfer and we ought to practice caution at all cost. However, we our steps regarding caution have to be more vigilant especially when we are welding fuel tanks. There is a possibility of igniting fuel vapors and if MIG or TIG Welding processes are employed, the argon gas could suffocate the welder.

  1. Before welding, the welder should ensure that the battery is disconnected and the ignition mode is in switched off mode.
  2. Completely drain the fuel tank into an approved gas container.
  3. Once step 2 is done, remove the tank from the vehicle and see to that proper ventilation equipment is adopted while you start to weld the tank.
  4. After removing gas tank from vehicle, wash the tank several times with warm and soapy water. Do not dispose off the water and see to that it is properly stored in flammable container.
  5. Start evacuation of fuel fumes using an air hose for more than an hour until you are guaranteed that all fumes are evacuated and there is no longer detection of fuel fumes.
  6. Follow all safety standards before you start to weld and stick to the contract specification while performing the welding. After welding it, allow the tank to cool down for a desired temperature as per the specifications.

Once the tank has reached desired temperature, test for the integrity and quality of weld. Test for detection of any leaks which can be done by placing a small amount of fuel in the tank. If it is leak free, reattach it to the vehicle.


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