Common Problems Encountered While Practicing Stick Welding

Out of all welding methods, Stick Welding or the shield Metal Arc Welding is the most adaptable one which is also versatile. A beginner can also easily handle a stick welder if practiced properly within a short period of time. Just like any other welding techniques, the shield metal Arc Welding also has its own troubles. Here is a list of the most common ones and they are actually easy to handle and identify. Spatter is one of the common types of imperfection which will make the work piece look little messy and is something that is pretty pricey to clean it out totally. Next trouble will be the Undercutting. This is also something to do with the look of the work piece as it will change its appearance and will weaken the weld that you have made. Wet Electrodes is a problem that you can notice when you see it the arc is erratic or just rough. Always keep your electrodes away from any pollutants and water to avoid this complaint. Cracking, this is the most common complaints encountered especially when there is high carbon or high alloy content.


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