Significance of TIG welder Settings

Welding is no joke by any means. It involves a lot of complications that requires tremendous knowledge, exposure, experience and practice to overcome the same. Experienced welders know pretty well about which procedure to choose, what settings to imply and what materials are required in order to weld various different kinds of metal work pieces.

Settings of the machines and resources you use influences the outcome of your welding irrespective of whether you are using MIG welder or a TIG welder. One simple mistake is more than sufficient enough to drastically affect the quality of the weld in the end. And you need to understand what those operations or buttons are there for in TIG welding inverter settings.

  • Amperage: Sets the required amount of current for the procedure.
  • A/C Frequency: The inverter steps the incoming frequency before converting it into DC.
  • A/C Balance: With ever fluctuating power supply, it becomes critical to have a A/C balance to counteract such fluctuations, so that the procedure could be done without disruptions.
  • 2t: Amperage control overrides upslope and downslope settings.  2t Setting turns the welding torch switch into a 2 position switch.
  • 4t: Used in conjunction with upslope and downslope settings.
  • Pre Flow: Time period of gas flow between the times you press the switch and an arc is created.
  • Post Flow: time period of gas flow after arc terminates.
  • Up slope: Steps up the current.
  • Down Slope: Steps down the current.
  • Start Amps: Allows low amperage startup
  • End Amps: Final amperage value after arc terminates.
  • Pulse Frequency: Pulse rates focus the arc. PF is nothing but pulse generated per second.
  • Peak Pulse Percentage: Helps you to control and limit heat input or agitate the puddle.
  • Pulse Width: Time period of high pulse amperage.


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