Turning a welder into a profit maker - Finding Customer Part2

Don't get discouraged if you come up empty when you investigate the local welding businesses, if they give you little information to go on. There are other avenues to investigate as well, of course. Look around at art shows, and craft shows, and even flea markets to find out what kind of "handmade" product is selling. Go to local businesses, ranging from automotive repair shops to furniture stores trying to find out if they have any welding needs. You never know. It might be a simple repair on a piece of equipment, a muffler repair or a quick fix on a broken piece of furniture that could net a few bucks in your pocket. Finding out where the market is helpful. One thing you will may notice is that the larger the business will put small work on the back burner or refuse it completely if they are busy. This is your chance. If you have any previous experience, you may be able to negotiate a referral with them when they have a fish too small to fry for them. In some cases you can find a market that you may feel they may be ignoring as simple as a building a small bar b que grill out of old 55 gallon drums or doing decorative wrought iron fencing. Keeping your eyes open and investigating the potential market will help insure that you can begin to make a living at welding.


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Yes, I agree.. Keeping eyes open and investigating the potential market will heelp surely. That's how started my fencing business with limited budget, which is now doing great.

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