Inverter Welders, Comparison of the Everlast Multi-Process MTS series versus similar units in the industry continued.

The inverter welder revolution part 6: Comparison of the Everlast Multi-Process MTS series

So, lets tally up things here from our previous looks at the new Power MTS Welder series. Everlast’s new Power MTS series has a complete TIG package (includes TIG torch and foot pedal) when you buy it, panel control of the amps while using foot pedal in TIG, and HF start in TIG. That’s a pretty good list, considering that these are competively priced and in many cases, hundreds of dollars less than the competition. But honestly, there’s a lot more. Both the Power MTS 211si and the Power MTS 251si are synergic capable in MIG mode. Previously the 210 model of the MTS was manually set in MIG mode. Of course you can find this type feature on the new Lincoln 210 MP and the Millermatic 200, but compare it for the price. Synergic MIG allows you to simply select your welding parameters such as wire size and metal type and use only one knob to control the machine rather than having to independently set both wire speed and voltage. But you can easily transition into manual mode if needed and even override the preselected ratios while in the Synergic mode. Our synergic features remembers any manual corrections made and incorporates the new ratio of wire speed and voltage during the welding session so future adjustments during the session are at the improved ratio that was manually selected. It may sound complicated, but the first time you use it, it is simple and easy to use. Let’s not forget that any mode or process is easily selectable without having to know any hidden menu item. Every feature is right on the face of the machine. We’ve done our best to keep things right where you can see them and change them. You don’t have to hold or press any special knob to access or change any parameter. The ease of setup is un-paralleled on our machines despite the advanced features we offer.

Everlast Power Equipment, Your Multi Process Welder Experts

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