Welding Apparels for your safety

Welding procedure is an easy one to learn but quite hazardous to handle while performing. It is the duty of every welder to equip himself both technically as well as safely while performing the art of welding. Safety equipments are designed in such a manner that they mainly focus on areas of the body most vulnerable to the hazards. The heat and sparks during welding can damage eye sight, burn tissues, give you eye diseases etc and thus welding safety equipment majorly focuses on protecting the head, eyes, body, legs and feet. The safety equipment includes safety goggles, welding apparels and safety harnesses.

The apparels come in many forms and most common among them is the head gear for protection from flames. It drapes over the welders face and are quite flame retardant by nature. They are mostly made out of leather. Another form of apparel is the welding gloves which have to be worn during welding activities. They are made out of cowhide or deerskin or even heat resistance fiber glass.  Safety harnesses are used by welders for welding activities in the air and they protect us from falls. They include bib aprons and waist aprons.


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