Use of efficient generators in welding

We all know that welding is the art of joining two or more work pieces together with the help of a molten solution. The molten solution solidifies on cooling down and forms the necessary bond between the work pieces. Thus eventually this process has revolutionized the manufacturing industries and allowed us to manufacture stronger equipments and other things we use in a day to day basis.

As such the welding is possible only with huge amount of electricity supply and high heat energy transfer. The molten solution which is necessary for forming the bond is generated thanks to this high heat energy. This heat energy is not possible to be generated without electricity supply. Thus they are all interrelated and they work accordingly as a system. One cannot exist without the other.
Usually Dc generators are used for performing the welding task. They provide the necessary required levels of electricity for the job. However, DC generators are quite heavy and not portable. It implies a lot of overhead when you want to shift spaces for convenience. Ever last generators have come up with AC generators for this purpose. The AC set up can step up itself to DC electricity levels and are quite small and portable. They are very efficient and convenient to use. They do not occupy much space which is a big advantage.