Ultra sonic welding

This is a form of welding where the metals are joined without actually melting them. These are also known as solid state welding process. In this process, the metals to be welded are brought together under high pressure and strong vibrations are passed through the metals. Ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are applied to the metal locally which creates the weld between the two welds. This method is very effective in joining metals that are not similar. Also with the use of this method, there is no necessity of bolts, nails or adhesives necessary to hold the metal pieces together. A sonotrode is made use of in this form of welding. The sonotrode will apply the high frequency ultrasonic vibration that will cause the metal pieces to join together under high pressure. Due to the absorption of the vibrations, the thermoplast will melt locally causing a joining of the two metals. High pressure dispersion of the surface oxides can also be attributed to the joining of the metals.