Safety while handling welding equipment

When you are setting up a welding setup, you should make sure that you have safety equipment also ready. The most major accidents happen in welding because of the lack of safety equipment.  The process of welding is relatively simple but the risks that are associated with welding in terms of safety is high. There are always molten metal pieces flying around that could cause injuries. Also looking directly at the welding arc can lead to defects in vision as well as blindness. The following welding equipment is essential while welding.

Welding gloves- protects the hands from the arc as well as sparks. These gloves are also eclectically insulated to prevent from electrical shock.

Welding shield- protects the face from the arc and from sparks. Also the shield has a tinted glass attached through which the work is viewed. This prevents the damage to the eyes.

Insulated boots- This cuts of the body from acting as an earth so that the current does not flow.

A fire extinguisher should also be always kept at the work place to prevent any accidents.


We know that heavy metal parts can be joined only with the process of welding. Safety is one of the very important factor for these kinds of jobs. Different safety techniques that should be handled while using this welding equipment are given here   Best High CBD Cannabis Strains