Product Buying Guide part 14

At Everlast, one of the best kept secrets are the MIG welders line, known as the Power I-MIG series.  The “I” stands for Inverter.  When compared to other MIG welders in the same amp range the Power I-MIG series offers unparalleled performance and features.  These units feature infinite adjustment on both voltage and wire speed.  They also offer a digital readout for voltage and wire speed, even on the smallest model.

The inverter aspect of these welding machines increase operating efficiency and reduces weight by nearly half and reduces overall size by a third.  Of course, this improves the welding machines portability without sacrificing durability.  The main feature also of the unit which NO other welder on the market has is the ability to control the “slope” of the welder, which changes the current rise time.  This affects weld penetration and appearance as well as overall feel of the arc.  The competition only has fixed slope and you either like it or you don’t.  This also helps out of position weldability as well, so it is definitely a feature that should be considered.

MIG gun quality is high with the use of genuine Trafimet MIG guns from the “Ergo” series that it is well known for.  Additionally, the Power I-MIG series offers a stick weld feature which operates seamlessly.  If you didn’t know you were welding with  MIG welders, you would not know the difference.  It provides excellent arc stability and the stick welder also has arc force control which keeps the welding rod burning even in real tight arc circumstances.

As all MIG guys find out, MIG isn’t always the best choice for every project and having an extra option available like a stick welder with a simple flick of a button comes in handy.