Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting has become a popular metal cutting process. It involves the use of a plasma torch to cut through steel and other materials of different thickness. The torches works on the principal of blowing out compressed air out of the torch nozzle that would create an electrical arc that would help to cut through material of different thickness. Today the plasma cutting torches have become portable that can be carried over the shoulder.

There are many features that help to meet routine shop challenges easily. The plasma torches today come with an adjustable post flow cooling technology that would help to make the cutting smooth. Also many of these torches carry a special track torch operation. You should however consider a heavy duty plasma torch if you are a considering a heavy industrial type project.

The size and bulk of the machine would compensate for the performance that it would provide on the project. It works well under pressure and at most times will go beyond the call of duty if you are pushing it. Most of these machines are optimized so that they get the job done without consuming too much power. These would be ideal for a fabrication shop or general automotive repairs.


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