Necessity of safety equipments in welding:

Welding is the art of joining metal together. It is very simple to learn and perform and almost anyone literally of any age can easily capture the essence behind it. The whole process involves joining two or more work pieces together with the help of a molten solution under tremendous pressure, which when solidified forms the essential bond between. Thus the procedure is basically used to build several equipments both large and small we use in our everyday life.

Though it is very easy to learn, it requires immense practice and focus while performing the art. Precision and control has always been the major issues when it comes to welding. As a beginner it is expected of you to fail in the procedure as you easily tend to lose control. Losing control is not a good event and the degree of consequences following varies for sure. Under best scenarios you end up creating a faulty bond which is very brittle by nature. Under worst case scenarios the sparks and heat can literally hurt you badly and your surroundings can catch fire. You can lose eye sight, attain body burns of various degrees etc. Thus it is very important that you don’t ignore safety equipments while you are performing the art. Remember, ignore is bliss without a doubt and welding can be as dangerous as possible.