Inverter Welders, The Everlast Revolution - Part 2

Inverter Welders Part 2, a follow up from Part 1, Inverter Welders, Why we exclusively focus on inverter welder technology

As slow to come around as Miller Welders, Lincoln Electric and to some extent ESAB have been to offer affordably priced inverters for their entry level product, one thing needs to be said about them: They’ve certainly taken off with waves of new and old customers coming to the table to snatch up the new inverter welder based product. One of the newest markets that seemed to have really broken open are the small multi-process welders, all-in-one, MIG welders, TIG welders, and stick inverter welders. Everlast was of course was one of the earliest to offer such a product going back to 2009 when the first one appeared at November Fab Tech trade show in Chicago. ESAB had introduced a 160 amp unit a few years earlier but it was relatively clunky and did not fare well in the market and was deleted from their product line about the time the first Everlast MTS series were introduced. HTP company also offered a small 160 amp MIG, TIG and Stick welder. But Everlast, as far as we can determine was the first company in the U.S.A to offer an affordable “table top” inverter based MTS welder for the that produced anything over 160 amps. Thermal arc had a few early MST units that were table top sized, but the prices were just too prohibitive for many customers just starting out trying to gain a toe-hold with their own business. They were even prohibitive for many well established shops. Now we’re currently offering economical and compact MTS units with up to 250 amps output that are well received by both the hobbyist and the professional welder. Our customers have definitely taken stock of the advantages these machines have to offer and realize that they are the best blend of performance and value available.

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