Gas Welding - Basic Security Precautions:

Previous to starting gas welding or cutting take away from the neighborhood any flammable material or everything that might be spoiled by heat or sparks which are often thrown a long distance. Containers which had held combustion able or flammable materials must be welded only after exercising appropriate safety measures.

Fire extinguishers or sand must be available at hand. Don’t weld in restricted spaces without sufficient ventilation or individual respiratory gear. When welding inside boilers or extra restricted spaces, the gas cylinders should be kept outside and the hosepipe and its attachments carefully inspected for leak. Gas flame must not be allowable to play even for a moment on the cylinders or their add-ons. Do not pick up hot jobs or objects.

Use spectacles with nonflammable lenses and frames. Not at all do any chipping or grinding with no appropriate spectacles. Don’t weld painted or galvanized surfaces in a badly ventilated space. Don’t use matches for lighting torches. This may result in hand burns. By no means attempt to renew a blow pipe that has blown out with no first closing both valves and relighting in the correct way.

If welding or cutting is to be stopped up for the moment, release the pressure adjusting screws of the regulators by rotating them to the left. If welding or cutting is to be stopped up for a long time, lock the cylinder valves and then release all gas pressures from the regulators and hosepipe by opening the torch valves for a moment. Close the torch valves and discharge the pressure adjusting screws.