Drifts - Punches - Chisels - Welding shop accessories Part4

If you have ever been TIG welding and needed to line up a hole in a precision part to weld to another, you may have needed a drift. If you have ever been MIG welding, and needed to remove excess spatter. If you ever needed to remove a bearing from a shaft after heating it with an oxy acetylene torch, you may have needed a punch. Whatever the application, having a quality set of hardened punches, chisels, and drifts is important to completing many welding tasks.

Just the other day, I used a combination of punches and chisels to cut and remove an expensive centrifugal clutch stuck to a small engine shaft. If a hydraulic press isn’t close at hand, a punch is the next best thing. Be careful, though, when using a punch because you run the risk of mushrooming the item you are trying to drive out, making it impossible to remove. A cold chisel can help cut or shave off about any gaulded or stuck item on a shaft. It can also be used as a wedge if needed. Keep in mind that these items are extremely hard. Do not try to substitute any chisel, punch, or nail set that is normally used for wood working, or severe damage or injury may result as these are not able to stand up to the punishment and can splinter, crack or detonate while using in the wrong application. Furthermore, when using any of the above, always use a, brass hammer, or a rubber (dead blow if you can find one) mallet.