Cut Quality Of The Plasma Arc Cutting Process

Plasma cutting is a process that requires very less effort from the person who handles the machine. Many times the machines are seen to give out the accurate cut that was planned for and there is a chance of slight variations or issues only if the machine is not maintained well. If you need a clean cut without any clogging or variations, plasma arc cutting process is the best to choose.

The quality and the output of a plasma arc cutting process are well known. A technician who has used different types of welding and cutting machines can easily find out the difference and advantages of using these plasma cutting machines.

We can compare the cut quality of these machines to that of the oxy-fuel process but as plasma cutters use melting method to cut the metal sheet we can find that it leads to top edge rounding, reduced edge squareness otherwise called as a bevel on the cut edge at the result. Off late we are able to find different torches that are specifically designed to overcome arc constriction and give way for extra uniform heating at the top as well as the bottom of the cut.