Considering a MIG/ TIG /Stick welder?

If you have dreamed of having it all, well, now you can, at least as far as welders are concerned. The all in one welding machine has been available from Everlast for some time now. We were one of the first companies to offer a portable GMAW/GTAW/SMAW welder on the market. Some people have said, you can’t have any welder that does anything and have it do it well.  Well, they are wrong.  Our PowerMTS units fit the bill for nearly every application except for welding aluminum with TIG.   When it comes to an aluminum weld, then you can still use the MIG for most materials. The PowerMTS units utilize the best of digital, microprocessor controlled inverter welding.   You’ll find that an inverter makes the best of the laws of electrical energy and “remakes” it to do about anything you ask it to do.   No, it’s not a magic trick, but an inverter chops the AC wave form into pieces and reassembles it as it needs it.   With the PowerMTS units, this is exactly what is being done with the help of circuitry and processors that can optimize the output of the welders without losing performance. Our PowerMTS units now range from 200 to 250 amps, with the 250 amp welding unit featuring synergic control.  The term synergic control has often misused by low end competitors to create an illusion that the machine is doing something that it is not.  Synergic means that only one control is necessary to optimally adjust all the other functions through a preprogrammed function that accepts programming inputs from the operator, interprets them and adjusts the balance of the functions to automatically meet any changes in main input.    In other words, Synergic control, keeps everything in “balance” during operation, so no major operating errors can be made.  On our welding unit, for example, for MIG, you can program the type of metal you are welding, and select thediameter wire and the computer in the welder automatically figures the wire speed you need as you adjust the voltage up or down as you need a little more or little less heat.  Synergy means that two things work together better as two than do they do as individual units.   Of course, with the synergic MIG function of the MTS 250S, you can always override the function if you have other ideas about optimizing the programmed settings.  TIG, and stick functions are manually adjusted as there is no real “synergic” settings possible with TIG.   But arc quality is as good as our stand alone units.  Life span, performance and operation is on par with any other welding unit in our fleet.  But with the ability to bundle all these functions together, there’s little chance you’ll go wrong.