Best TIG Torch, What TIG Torch Is Best For You?

Buying a TIG torch? Which one is best for you?People are often confused about which TIG torch they should buy when they buy an Everlast TIG torch. Quite a few people think that we are still supplying the old, clumsy torches with the units. No, on the contrary, we’ve improved the quality, look and feel of the torches that we provide with the units. The best thing we’ve done is to offer newer, more flexible hoses on our units. We do still continue to try to match up the amperage of the unit to the torches amperage. Unfortunately this causes some of our customers to still view the torches we supply as bulky and unwieldy. That’s understandable But at the same time, if you desire to be able to weld a 200 amps without a welding water cooler, that’s the size torch that is large enough to handle that kind of amperage. And it’s not just us. It’s the whole TIG torch industry. A TIG torch can only be made so small and still handle the heat that is produced by a 200 amp welder. A 26 series torch is going to be heavier than a 9 series. A 26 is rated for 200 amps. A pencil thin 9 is rated generally for only 125 amps. Now with that said, a lot of customers want to buy 250 or even 325 amps of welding power but still want a 125 amp rated air cooled torch as their go-to torch. It just doesn’t make sense. Why not just buy a PowerTIG 185 instead of a PowerTIG 325 EXT? The PowerTIG 185 is still capable of smoking that small torch. Now of course, if a customer is willing to purchase a water-cooler, the game changes somewhat, as a wp 20 series torch is available that is marginally larger than the small WP9 torch and uses the same exact consumables. Still, though if 325 amps is desired, once again, you meet and surpass the upper limit of the 20 series torch amp capacity of 250 amps at full duty cycle. Although it will stretch its welding ability up to the 325 amp limit, it will still give issues over time if it is regularly pushed to this limit.Everlast Power Equipment, your TIG welding and TIG torch experts. Contact us with any questions about our TIG torches.Learn more on our welding forum.


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