Arc Welding Safety:

The procedure of arc welding poses more than a few potential hazards that have to be protected against. So, all information connecting to the safe process of welding equipment and welding process have to be completely understood previous to attempting to start work.

Eye Protection and Arc Rays:

Arc rays create strong able to be seen and unseen (ultraviolet and infrared) rays that be able to burn eyes and skin. Any uncovered skin can be burn fast by these rays. Welding helmets must be fixed with a good filter shade to keep the operator's face and eyes when welding or watching. Accepted security glasses by side shields are supposed to too be worn. Screens or barriers to protect others from flash and glare must be installed where suitable, and maintained.


Gloves and clothes must be fire-resistant. Clothing made from a dark-colored, strongly woven fabric is best suitable for welding. Gauntlet type leather gloves must be worn to keep hands and wrists. Shirt collars and shirt cuffs must be buttoned, and open frontage pockets are not advisable as they can catch sparks. Also, operators must never store matches or lighters in their pockets. Pants cuffs are not suggested, as they will too catch sparks. Tennis shoes do not be eligible as sufficient foot guard. High-top leather shoes or boots are totally essential.


The welding is a very dangerous job. To do the work, the person should cbd gummies follow all the safety options to be safe and secure. For eye protection, the person should wear safety glasses and need to use an appropriate welding dress.

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