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PowerPlasma 100S

5 year
High Output
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PowerPlasma 100S
PowerPlasma 100S
PowerPlasma 100S
PowerPlasma 100S
PowerPlasma 100S

The PowerPlasma 100S is designed for heavy duty plasma cutting service.  With up to 100 amps of cutting power, the original unit has proven its performance and reliability in industrial and fabrication settings since 2008.  The newest version has been redesigned for a more compact stature. The IGBT inverter design is reliably engineered to provide heavy duty service with a 60% duty cycle at maximum amps.  This is enough to sever metal up to 1 7/8" thick when needed.  For daily use, it works great for regularly cutting 1 1/4" thick plate metal, and when called upon, makes a clean cut up to 1 1/2".  The heavy duty Innotec iPT100 blow back torch features a Euro, quick connect central adapter for easy connection.  Priced around the price of some 40-50 amp plasma cutters on the market, this Everlast IGBT inverter plasma cutter clearly doesn't go slack on performance.  The 1 phase input ability on 240V makes the PowerPlasma 100 one of the only 100 amp class plasma cutters on the market to be able to run on 240V 1 phase. 240 or 480V 3 phase is available as a special order item.


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