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  1. TIG 200DX Alternative Pedal Option

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    I recently purchased a 200DX for home/hobby use. Immediately upon opening it, I took one look at the foot pedal and knew it was the weakest link. Oleg assured me they had upgraded pedal available for the 200dx, made by a company called SSC Controls. After about 2 hours on the machine, the pedal malfunctioned, so I had to take it apart and found the rubber belt was off track and this made the action very stiff and imprecise. Overall, the pedal was just not going to cut it.
  2. So... everlast gives me a blog?

    Poking around the site, i notice that there are also blogs on the forum site.
    So, i guess everlast sets up it's members with their own blogs as well as forum handle, and gallery album. pretty sweet i guess.
    So does this give users the forum to ramble out a constant stream of consciousness for the rest of the forum members to see and comment on? Or are there rules and 'preferred content' regarding blog posts and entries?


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  3. the st140 great welder

    ok so i have put the st140 to the test and would like to say its a great welder i have ran almost 50lb of welding rod though it and i must say it is a great welder have not posted a video but have been welding in a boiler bottom with it and it has worked great i have a 50ft Extension Cord with alligator clips to clip on to power ok in the Manuel for the st140 it says you can not burn 6010 rod and that 6011 is the only one you can burn with it at 120 in put 6011 or 7018 h4r works great the st140 ...
  4. st140 going to put it though the ringer

    well tuesday i should have the st140 going to put it thought the ringer
    and see how well it works and post video of how it works and show some welding with it first i will put the stick welder and run all types of rod than will turn over to the tig welding look for post on YouTube starting in two weeks i am even going to take it to work
  5. Welding shock

    Being new to the welding routine I have heard of people getting a shock from their welder. I make every effort to stay out of the electrical circut and not become a conductor. If you have been shocked, will someone share the experience and details of the cause so I may learn from the experience?
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