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PowerPro 256:

PowerPro 256 series Multi Process AC/DC IGBT Inverter: 250 A TIG/ 200 Stick welder with 60 A Plasma Cutter function
Processes: GTAW-P,SMAW, PAC

IMPORTANT PRODUCT NOTES: Do not use foot pedal with Stick and Plasma cutter function. Plasma and Stick modes are DC Output only. Lines and cables on input and output sides must be changed to swap between functions. Only one function can be operated at a time.

PowerPro 256

PowerPro 256

Features & Benefits
- All-in-one portability
- Compact, yet powerful TIG welding/Plasma cutting features
- Easy to use controls with simple selector switch for process changeover
- Quick change out of torches for easy change from TIG to plasma back to TIG
- Low power consumption due to inverter design
- Good duty cycle at rated amperages for TIG/Stick/Plasma
- Over Current indicator warns when duty cycle has been exceeded and interrupts welding/cutting
- OK to cut indicator lights up when minimum air pressure is present
- Clean and smooth plasma cuts on virtually any metal
- Weld almost any metal
- Renown arc stability for TIG/Stick functions

NOTE: For use with generators, this welder requires a MINIMUM of 10,500 watts of continuous output and be designated as "clean power" by the generator manufacturer. For best results, a higher output generator may be required. Use with generators not designated by the generator manufacturer as a "clean" power source may void warranty.

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Price : US $1799.00

Recommended Areas Of Use
  • For use in areas where multiple processes are required for portable repairs.
  • Typically many motorsports enthusiast like to carry these units to the track for convenient and quick high quality repairs.
  • It is a compact option for a portable repair business not needing to carry on heavy production or long term fabrication work.
Standard Equipment
- Economy Water-cooled 12ft WP 18 series torch with built in remote switch for 2T/4T operation. (Must use water system with torch! Water cooler purchase is highly recommended
- Foot Pedal
- Consumable Starter Kit (Tungsten not included.)
SMAW electrod holder (Stub type, subject to change.)
Work Clamp with cable<6ft power input cable. (Plug not included. Customer supplied. Recommended plug is NEMA 6-50)
- Argon Regulator
- Air Pressure Regulator
- Air Pressure Gauge
- Water Trap/Filter (Not a dryer! Separate dryer must be supplied for customer for best results.)
Optional Equipment
- Water cooler
- Welding helmet
with special #7 shade for cutting with up to #15 shade for TIG
- Welding cart
- Consumable Kit
- Deluxe, WP series, 9,17,26, and 18 TIG torches available in 15ft and 25ft lengths. Industry wide compatibility.
Recommended Metals
Virtually all metals, including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium
PowerPro 256
PowerPro 256
PowerPro 256
PowerPro 256
PowerPro 256
PowerPro 256
PowerPro 256
PowerPro 256
PowerPro 256
PowerPro 256
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Over Current Warning Yes Yes Yes
Voltage 220-240 V 1 ph 220-240 V 1 ph 220-240 V 1 ph
Max Start Input Amps 33.6A @ 220V
32.1A @ 230V
30.8A @ 240V
24.8 @220V (nominal) 42 A @ 220V
40.1 A @ 230V
38.5A @ 240V
Max Running Amps 27A @ 220V
26A @230V
28A @ 240V
20 @ 220V (nominal) 35A @ 220V
34A @230V
33A @ 240V
TIG (GTAW) Rated Amps @ Duty Cycle 60%@200A 160 A @ 60% 35% @250 A
Start Amps(Initial) 0-175 A 5-160 (20-160 AC) 0-100A
End Amps(Final) 0-175 A 5-160 (20-160AC) 0-100A
Arc Force Control(DIG) Yes Yes Yes
Up Slope Timer 0-10 S 0-10 s 0-10 s
Down Slope Timer 0-25 s 0-25 s 0-10 s
Plasma (PAC) Rated Amps @ 60% Duty Cycle 50 A 40 A 60 A
Pulse Frequency Control .5-250Hz .5-250 Hz .2-500 Hz
Pulse Time On(Width) 10-90% 10-90% 10-90%
Pulse Amp Ratio 5-95% 5-95% 5-95%
Lift Start Tig No No No
High Frequency Start Yes Yes Yes
4t/2t Remote Yes Yes Yes
AC Frequency Control 10-90% 10-90% 10-90%
AC Balance Control 20-250 Hz 20-250 Hz 20-250 Hz
AC Square Wave(Aluminium) Yes Yes Yes
Pre-Gas Flow Timer 0-10s None 0-10 s
Post Flow Timer(seconds) 0-25 s 0-25 s 0-25 s
Stick (SMAW) Rated Amps @ Duty Cycle 5-160 A 5-140 A @ 35% 5-200 A
Shipping Weight 89 lb 55 lbs 105 lbs

The EVERLAST PowerPro 256 is a TIG/Stick AC/DC Pulse welding and plasma cutting multi-process unit that is an economical solution to purchasing separate welding and cutting units.

With adjustable arc force control, also known as dig, the PowerPro 256 dutifully doles out 200 amps of Stick (SMAW) welding power. The built-in 60-amp plasma cutter makes it completely unnecessary to drag additional equipment around the job site or garage. This allows the unit to expertly sever almost any metal up to 1-inch thick.[read more...]

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